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Partner for 3 Way Comunnication

Facilitate seamless three-way communication between dispatchers, drivers, and clients for streamlined coordination and enhanced service delivery.

Real-Time Communication Platform

Seamlessly integrate secure payment solutions into your platform. Our services ensure smooth and reliable transactions, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Automated Notifications

Provide automated alerts and notifications to drivers and clients. Dispatchers can send updates about scheduling changes, estimated arrival times, and any other important information instantly.

Integrated Voice Communication

Facilitate clear and direct voice communication channels. Our system supports hands-free calls and voice commands, allowing drivers to communicate safely while on the road.

GPS Tracking and Location Sharing

Utilize GPS technology to share real-time locations between dispatchers, drivers, and clients. This feature helps in providing accurate ETAs, monitoring routes, and ensuring timely arrivals.

Incident Reporting and Management

Implement an efficient incident reporting system that allows drivers to report issues directly to dispatchers. This service ensures quick resolution of problems and keeps clients informed about any delays or changes.

Feedback and Performance Monitoring

Collect feedback from drivers and clients post-trip to monitor performance and improve services. Dispatchers can use this information to make data-driven decisions and enhance overall communication effectiveness.

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