Ambulatory Transport

Ambulatory Transport

Ambulatory transport provides essential non-emergency transportation solutions for individuals with mobility limitations, ensuring they reach medical appointments with ease. Tailored to meet diverse needs, whether wheelchair accessibility or stretcher transportation, ambulatory transport prioritizes patient comfort and safety. By offering door-to-door service, these dedicated professionals make healthcare more accessible, fostering independence and peace of mind for patients. Trust NEMT Pros for your ambulatory transportation requirements, and let us facilitate your journey to your destination with tranquility and assurance.

Why choose Us

Reliable Transportation

Reliable non-emergency medical transportation services ensure patients with mobility needs can access healthcare appointments efficiently and safely, providing peace of mind and timely care.

Comfortable Journey

In the realm of emergency medical transportation businesses, prioritizing comfort ensures patients feel secure and supported throughout their journey to critical care facilities.

Professional Care

In the field of emergency long-distance non-emergency medical transport, professional care guarantees patients receive expert attention and support during extended journeys, ensuring their well-being every step of the way.

Accessible Service

Accessible service in ambulatory transport ensures individuals with mobility challenges have seamless access to medical appointments and facilities, promoting inclusivity and healthcare equity.

We Provide These Services

Medical Appointments

Providing rides to doctor's appointments, therapy sessions, dialysis treatments, etc.

Hospital Discharge Transport

Ensuring safe transportation home after a hospital stay.

Medical Testing Appointments

Providing transportation for medical tests such as X-rays, MRIs, or blood tests.

Dental Appointments

Transporting individuals to dental clinics for check-ups, procedures, or emergencies.

Therapy Sessions Transport

Assisting patients in getting to and from physical therapy appointments.

Outpatient Surgery

Assisting patients with transportation for outpatient surgical procedures.

Cancer Treatment Trips

Transporting individuals to chemotherapy, radiation, or other cancer treatments.

Rehabilitation Facilities

Transporting individuals to and from rehabilitation centers.

Dialysis Appointments

Transporting individuals to and from dialysis treatment centers.

Bariatric Patients Transport

Offering vehicles equipped with larger, reinforced seating and lift systems

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