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NEMT Pros: Your Reliable Partner for Accessible Nemt Transportation

Nemt Pros offers a comprehensive range of non-emergency medical transport services designed to ensure everyone can access their appointments, regardless of their mobility needs.


medical transport services long distance

Wheelchair Transport

NEMT Pros offers safe and comfortable wheelchair transport services with secure ramps and trained drivers, ensuring reliable journeys for medical appointments and social events.

Long Distance Transport

Stretcher Transport

Our stretcher transport services provide safe, comfortable trips with necessary equipment and skilled staff, ideal for medical appointments or other destinations.


Ambulatory Transport

For those needing assistance, NEMT Pros offers door-to-door ambulatory transport with professional drivers, ensuring safe and comfortable travel for medical visits and personal errands.

Wheelchair Transport

At NEMT Pros, we provide specialized wheelchair transport services designed to ensure safe and comfortable journeys for our clients. Our vehicles are equipped with secure wheelchair ramps and restraints, and our trained drivers are experienced in assisting wheelchair users. Whether you need to attend a medical appointment or a social event, trust NEMT Pros to deliver reliable and compassionate transport services.


Stretcher Transport

NEMT Pros offers professional stretcher transport services for individuals who require transportation while lying down. Our vehicles are equipped with the necessary equipment to ensure a safe and comfortable trip, and our skilled staff is trained to handle patients with care and respect. Rely on us for punctual and efficient stretcher transport to your medical appointments or any other destinations.

Ambulatory Transport

For those who can walk but need assistance, NEMT Pros provides top-quality ambulatory transport services. Our friendly and professional drivers offer door-to-door service, ensuring you reach your destination safely and comfortably. Whether it’s for medical visits or personal errands, our ambulatory transport is designed to make your journey hassle-free and pleasant.

Why Choose Us

Why Our Patient Choose Us

Patients choose NEMT Pros for our commitment to reliable, compassionate, and safe non-emergency transport services. With professional drivers, comfortable vehicles, and affordable rates, we ensure peace of mind on every journey. Trust NEMT Pros for punctual, caring service tailored to your transport needs.


Whether it’s a wheelchair, stretcher, or ambulatory assistance, we ensure everyone can access essential medical services.

Comfort and Safety

Our specialized vehicles prioritize patient comfort and safety during transit.

Timely Arrivals

We’re committed to timely and reliable transport from door-to-door service to long-distance transfers.

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